Vinyl Siding on Home

In recent years vinyl siding has become one of the best investments you can make in your home. Nothing else comes close to providing such a beautiful, low maintenance and durable protective covering for your home. Of all the options available, vinyl is one of the most affordable. Exciting new vinyl siding colors and shapes offer something even the most discriminating homeowner will love! Horizontal and vertical vinyl siding are both readily available. New shapes like Board and Batten, Cedar Shake, Stone, Brick and Log-look vinyl siding are now easy to come by.

We also install vinyl siding for overhangs and eaves because many of the homes we work on these days are already well protected by brick on the walls themselves. If you have "wood gable ends", a little wood siding up above the brick walls on the ends of your home, we can cover these too. Porch ceilings door frames and such usually get covered as well. We will do a little or a lot...Cover everything that is painted or just the parts that are the hardest for you to repaint.


Our old school craftsmen are specialists at this type of work. One of the worst things you can ever do is hire a carpenter to hang vinyl siding. Carpenters are well trained to "drive home" their nails - good and tight. Do that with vinyl siding and you will ruin the material. It has to have room to expand and contract, unlike wood siding. Vinyl that is nailed tightly will look great - for a little while. Then, when the seasons change, it will try to contract with the cold and expand with the heat. A twelve foot long sheet of material may move more than a quarter of an inch due to the weather. If it is tightly nailed, the material will permanently warp and be completely ruined. Nothing can fix it once warpage has occurred. Your carpenter will probably be long gone by the time that happens and if he ever shows up again will be surprised to see "what that defective siding did". Vinyl siding manufacturers require that the installation be properly performed or your warranty can be voided.

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Thirteen colors are available from stock at almost any time. We still install some white material but Clay, Sand and several other more natural looking colors have really become a popular choice with today's homeowners.

We can get almost any brand of siding you like, even the ones some contractors claim are exclusively distributed by them. Our extensive network of suppliers stock all the popular brands. Mastic created the first siding made of vinyl back in the 1950's. They still offer a wide selection of high quality material at an affordable price. With plenty of inventory readily available, it simplifies the job and allows us to complete your work sooner if we don't have to shut down the crews, waiting on the last few pieces of material to arrive, so that they can finish. Some homeowners prefer the color choices offered by Alside or Heartland or Variform or Certainteed or Napco Vinyl Siding. Whatever you want is what we want to provide for you! We want you to be pleased.


Vinyl Siding on a Home

Typically, we cover all walls and gable ends in foamboard insulation before we install any siding on them. Energy conservation is one reason, but another is that doing this gives us a smoother installation, usually covering any bumps or bows in the existing walls. Not all imperfections can be hidden but most are much less noticeable after the wall is foam insulated and covered with siding. User thicker, stronger, [higher quality vinyl siding] material enables our craftsmen to do an even better job of concealing imperfections because thicker material can be somewhat suspended on the nails, making up some of the difference in the original wall siding.


Original 1x4 and 1x6 lumber on your home such as the "fascia board" just under the shingle edge and the "freize board" at the top of the brick walls, gets covered with a vinyl coated aluminum trim coil material made especially for that purpose. Our installers bring a ten foot long portable brake with them so that when they encounter any of this lumber to be covered, they cut the material to size and bend it on the brake to follow the original lines of your lumber. Door frames and garage door frames are covered in the same way to eliminate the drudgery of painting them as well. Walls and the "soffit" area of your overhang - between the fascia and freize - are covered with all vinyl soffit materiaL.

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Overall, vinyl offers the best value available today in home siding. Just call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We would be happy to have our representative drop by to show you samples of today's beautiful vinyl product selections. While he's there, if you like, he will measure your home and give you a free quote for the cost to cover your home in lifetime vinyl siding.

Whether you just need 2 - 3 days work to just cover your overhangs with vinyl siding and soffit or a long week or more of work done to cover your entire home, we will be there to do it...And we won't start another job until we finish yours!

The best part is this: Once we are done, you’re DONE with the chore of scraping and painting FOREVER! In a few days, we are finished and out of your way, but you get to enjoy freedom from maintenance from the drudgery of repainting from now on!