Replacing your old, ugly, leaky windows with beautiful, energy saving, easy tilt-to-clean replacement windows does more to make your home enjoyable than almost any other home improvement you can make! Changing out your old windows is also one of the quickest, cleanest and easiest upgrades you can do.


Nationwide, about two thirds of the windows being sold are vinyl framed. Old style aluminum frame replacement windows are still available but only account for about 14% of sales today. Aluminum frames conduct so much heat and cold into the house that the overall energy efficiency drops by about 35%, compared to vinyl, EVEN IF THE SAME GLASS IS USED.

Vinyl windows are typically the most energy efficient windows sold. For most homeowners today, vinyl windows offer the best overall value.


You can order just about any brand of window from us, but there are several we would really rather not work with, due to extremely light weight frames, low quality spacer systems, weak lifting systems or underperforming glass coatings. We can't name names here but will show you exactly what we are talking about when we get together.

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Replacement Windows on Brick Home

Many brands being offered as windows for remodeling are actually a lightweight unit madefor the new construction market, where low price is the primary specification. Many homeowners don't realize that they have the problems they do now, simply because their builder bought the cheapest thing available at the time their home was built. Now they are experiencing the natural results of that builder's decision. It is also important to realize that some of the manufacturers offering vinyl replacement windows have only been around a few years. Wouldn't it be nice to know that the company whose products you are getting has already stood the test of time?

Simonton Windows, NT Windows (as in "North Texas"), Don Young Company, Mastic Windows and Harry Barr Company offer windows that meet our quality expectations for your home. We have sample windows for you to look over closely, to help you make the best choice for your home.

Companies who sell their own private label branded window that someone makes for them, have to convince you that their particular window is best for you no matter what your situation. We would rather offer you a wider selection of brand name high quality windows, and let you consider our recommendations as to what is truly best for you and your home, and let you make your own choice.


On single hung vinyl windows, only the bottom raises and lowers (and usually tilts in for easy cleaning). On double hung vinyl windows, both the top and bottom panels raise and lower (and usually tilt-to-clean). You can order them with lots of divided panes for a more traditional appearance or without any divided panes at all, for a more wide-open view of the outdoors. Half fiberglass screens are standard, but on double hung windows, full screens are pretty common. Crank out style casement windows are still available. They offer the best ventilation when open and the highest security when locked. Casement windows do cost about $150 more per window than most single hung vinyl windows or double hung vinyl windows. Fixed "picture windows" are available in almost any size and shape. Bay windows and bow windows are no problem for us. We can show you detailed pictures so you can easily visualize your home with new windows installed.

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Virtually all windows today come with Low E window glass. It has an almost clear, metallic coating on the inside of the glass that is able to block the heat in the summer and contain it in the winter. The newest version is usually referred to as Low E 3 and is typically manufactured by Cardinal Glass or Guardian Glass. In the climate zone that includes most of Texas and all of Louisiana, our main enemy is heat. That's why it's vitally important to have the latest, greatest version of Low E window glass. Windows with Low E 3 glass stop over 30% more direct radiant solar heat gain than windows with Low E 2 glass, popular only a couple of years ago. Improved comfort and energy savings can be significant. This is technology that will save you money while increasing your comfort!


Replacement Windows on a Nook

Many homeowners believe that their old aluminum window glass fogged up because the gas inside of the windows escaped. That's just not the case. Well over 95% of aluminum windows manufactured for the southern United States never had gas in the airspace to begin with...just air, like you and I breathe, sealed up in a humidity controlled environment. Due to the constant expansion and contraction on the edge of the glass, caused by the extreme heat and cold transfer through the aluminum frame, the sealing material on the edge of the glass eventually popped open a pinhole. Then moist air was able to infiltrate, causing visible moisture to form inside the sealed airspace. Then a steambox effect was created inside the glass in the summer months, causing silicone to dislodge from the glass itself and even flake off to the inside of the window glass. This eventually results in a white discoloration inside the sealed insulated glass.

Argon gas is a heavier-than-air gas that resists convection. Convection is air movement that transfers heat and cold from one side of the glass to the other, inside the sealed airspace. Argon gas in windows sits more or less stationary inside the airspace, fighting back against convection. By doing so, it increases overall energy efficiency and improves the window insulating "U-VALUE" by about 10%. Argon gas reduces outside noise levels as well. We recommend argon gas in windows as a wise investment because the cost is low and the benefits are verifiable. Nothing magic about it.


Even though the old windows in your home were never designed to be removed, installers began about 30 years ago to figure out how to "surgically" remove them and leave a clean opening for new ones to be installed. With old aluminum units, the glass is typically taken out first. Then the center bar is cut and removed to take the strength out of the frame. Then the bottom sash or glass frame is removed. Now, a flat pry bar can be carefully worked around the entire perimeter of the frame, pulling the original nail fins from the studs, to create the clean opening. It's even easier with old wood units. The original main frame remains intact and the top and bottom operating "sashes" are removed, leaving the clean opening for the new unit to be installed. Vinyl coated aluminum aluminum trim coil can be used to cover the original main frame, so that painting is no longer needed.

An experienced installer can change out about 10 aluminum or 15 wood windows in one day.

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American Siding and Patio does offer free window estimates or quotes in Tyler TX, Longview TX, Shreveport LA and the surrounding areas. We will show you several options, explain the differences, the energy efficiency,the locking systems, the insulated glass seal system,the Low E glass coating type, the vinyl wall thickness (an important detail most companies don't even discuss with you) and the window lifting system. The we will offer you our recommendation based on what our 25 years of experience tells us is the best option for you and your budget. This is all at no cost or obligation to you. We look forward to being of service to you!